Besit (Russian: Бесит!) is a one of many popular animated shows on channel of Fedor Comix. At the moment, the show consists of 13 episodes, each of which ridiculed the problems of modern society. To one psychologist 's office evil patient comes in and starts to talk about their problems . Often, these " problems " lead him into a rage , which itself Psycho can not just get rid of. Madden it is anything from disease to public transport .

At the end of each release ( not counting the " infuriates hurt ! " ) There is a certain interactive : Dock sitting around the fire and asks the audience to write a comment about what he is most angry. Most of the comments left in the requests come in the next edition of the show .

List of episodesEdit

Title Release date

1. Pilot episode

Пилотный выпуск

February 27, 2013

2. When they are late

Когда опаздывают

March 12, 2013

3. Commercial


April 4, 2013

4. Headphones


June 17, 2013

5. Television


July 29, 2013

6. VKontakte publics

Паблики ВКонтакте

September 16, 2013

7. Students in the Internet

Школьники в Интернете

December 8, 2013

8. Public transport

Общественный транспорт

June 17, 2013
9. Вставать по утрам February 14, 2014

10. Song


February 28, 2014

11. VKontakte


July 15, 2014

12. Disease


June 26, 2015

13. Russian cinema

Российское кино

summer 2016


  • Issue "BESIT pesnya" (Russian: БЕСИТ песня!) is a parody cover of DuckTales opening.
  • Two episodes are devoted to the popular social network VKontakte.

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