Live videos (Russian: Видеоформаты) is a one of the main directions of Fedor Comix. Most often shot on a mobile phone camera in different rooms and areas and represents a variety of sketches, show, reflections on current issues, reports from other places and other stuff.


The most common video formats are located on channel Fedor Comix twice a week, although the pace is now slowing the release of their. If the video is filmed with another vlogger - it comes on two channels at once. Also, the supporting materials for the new video on the live channel of autor.


Early video formats filmed on a mobile phone, but since the video "Yutubery and condoms" new video began shooting with a digital camera and become more dynamic . In the new video (starting from March 10, 2016) Fedor Nechitailo appears before us in a new form : he now wears a red shirt and has a mole on his face.


Screenshot 26

All three Fyodor's gathered in one video

In each time period Fyodor Nechitaylo changed shirts and appearance. The current appearance - the third in a row.

  • Classic Fyodor - the very first appearance of Fyodor. Used from 2010 to 2015.
  • Italian Fyodor - second appearance Fyodor. It was used from December 1, 2015 to March 10, 2016 .
  • Red Fyodor - the current redesign of Fyodor and his creation as a whole. Used as the main starting with Adventures of a Crazy.

Lists of live videosEdit

List of live-action videos with animation elements

List of Fedor Comix live videos


On Fedor Comix channel periodically face issues non-animated show. They are all on the theme of creativity and represent such things - such entertainment for subscribers.

  • Fedor Comix is Drawing - very first non-animated show on the channel in which Fedor Nechitailo draws subscribers orders.
  • Fan-art Time - The first attempt to channel gash something besides "Fedor Comix is Drawing". It consists of two issues in which other people overlook Fedor fan arts and redraws them in his own way .
  • Art-Battle - third non-animated show of Fedor Comix. As it is on the drawing Fedor fight vloggers different and competing with them in the drawing.
  • One Day with Sokolovsky - satirical project with two famous Russian vloggers - Fyodor Nechitaylo and Ruslan Sokolovsky.
  • Creative Crisis
  • Art-Blog - new live show of 2016.
  • Interactive - non-canonical interacte project of Fedor Comix.

See alsoEdit

Fedor Comix is drawing

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