Save the Princess! (Russian: Спасти принцессу!) is a animated mini-series on Fedor Comix channel.


Plot Edit

Episode 1Edit

Brave lifeguard princesses, brave knight, enters the cave, shouting "Do not worry, princess in trouble!". However, Princess drinking tea with a friendly demon ...

Episode 2Edit

Knight re-enters the cave. But this time he has to save Emma from an evil clone of Waru comics "Fedor x9", which tied it to a post. Emma Knight name-calling idiots, resulting in Knight disappears from the cave for some time.

Episode 3Edit

Knight gets into another cave - a desert. But there he was waiting insidious mushroom Toad, who reminded him that his princess in another castle. Thus Toad strikes a knight, and he flies off into the dungeon ...

Episode 4Edit

Getting out of the dungeon, Knight began to travel to different animated series from Fedor Comix. His first stop was enrages where Psycho took him for a cosplayer from Comic-Con. The second stop of the knight - humanities VS Techie where techie confuses knight with a humanitarian. The third stop of a knight - KriminArt, where he met with a surly look two artistic friend. Riccardo and Charlie banished knight, and he walks away from harm's way.

List of episodesEdit

Title Release date
Episode 1 May 11, 2015
Episode 2 October 7, 2015
Episode 3 November 5, 2015
Episode 4 March 16, 2016


  • The second series is a reference to comics Fedor x9.
  • The fourth series is not only a crossover of three animated shows with channel Fedor Comix, but also animation collaborations between four people.
  • In the animated series involved 12 characters. This is even more than in other shows Fedor Comix.

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